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HYDE & SEEK | *FREE* Family Friendly Table Top Games!

On 25th February - 11.00 AM
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From 25th February - 25th February

Join us from 11.00am to learn how to play some fun games suitable for all the family, with something for everyone aged 4 and upwards, before watching BLINKY BILL THE MOVIE.

The games are simple enough for children to learn yet interesting for adults to play with them, and you are welcome to play through a whole game or just try out a few turns. Also provided will be some activity sheets and drawing materials for younger children.

Entry is included in tickets to the screening at 12.00noon and participants are welcome to drop in at any point before then, though we advise arriving no later than 11.30am to allow adequate time to fit in a full game.

Sheila Shark
Des. Beate Nikolai
Ages 4+, 2–4 players, around 20mins

Work together to save the little fish of the coral reef from Sheila Shark. Remember which of the fish has some of Tinto the octopus’ ink so that they can spray Sheila with it and send her off their trail.

Fauna junior
Des. Friedemann Friese
Ages 6+, 2–4 players, around 20mins

How well do you know where animals live, how heavy they are, if they lay eggs and what they eat? And how much can you trust what the other players think? Find out in this innovative melding of quiz and strategy.