Hyde Park Picture House

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31st December - 12.00am

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Renewing Our Historic Cinema For All

12th August - 7.00am

Opening on the 2nd November 1914, just three months after the commencement of the First World War, the Hyde Park Picture House is one of only a handful of early cinemas still operating today. Our rich 102 year long history has been full to the brim of on and off screen drama including two world wars, closure threats, celebrity guests and more than a few changes to the way audiences watch and enjoy films. We’ve seen marriage proposals and weddings, we’ve been a location for film and TV and we’ve been the formative cinema experience for scores of young audiences as they discover the world through the medium of film.

At the heart of our good fortune sit two key things, our beautiful Grade II listed building and the film-loving community of Leeds, who have helped to ensure we are still a vibrant and relevant venue more than a century after we first opened our doors. But we’re not complacent and know that our continued survival relies on more than goodwill, but an ambitious plan for a bright and sustainable future. It is for this reason that we are thrilled to announce that the Heritage Lottery Fund have agreed to support our exciting regeneration project: “Renewing Our Historic Cinema For All”. This invaluable support brings £2.4million of lottery investment, including £122,000 in development funding, to help us to protect and restore our existing building, and find a bold and innovative way to ensure it continues to thrive over the next 100 years.

As we now enter an exciting development phase we will be able to search out solutions to the many challenges we face as a period building in a modern world, and identify how we can best serve the community of Leeds. It is our hope that the scheme will not only lead to restoration of our existing building but brand new accessible facilities, making the cinema truly open to everyone. This includes fully accessible toilets, a second screen in the basement to allow us to host even more fantastic film events, a café-bar so audiences don’t have to queue in the rain, and a vibrant learning and heritage programme to allow us to explore and share the many stories our beautiful building and its patrons have to tell. We are more than a little thrilled to start work on this project and there are still many questions we need to answer, but together we will ensure the Hyde Park Picture House is in the best shape for the journey ahead, and ready to inspire, educate and entertain the audiences of Leeds for many years still to come.




1st November - 11.00am

Upcoming Screenings:

 In Between
Wed. 04th October, 11.00am

Blade Runner 2049
Thu. 12th October, 11.00am

The Death of Stalin
Wed. 25th October, 11.00am

The Party
Wed. 01st November, 11.00am


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BYOBaby screenings are a chance for the parents and carers of babies up to 12 months old, to get to the cinema without leaving the little one at home. With raised lighting levels, reduced volume and baby changing/bottle warming facilities, we aim to make these screenings as comfortable for you as possible.

Tickets are £5.50, which includes a free tea or coffee. If you want to come down early and catch up with friends, doors open at 10.30am and the film starts around 11.15am.

Due to limited space, we advise people to bring babies in slings or car-seats where possible. Numbers are limited for BYOB showings, so it is advisable to book in advance, particularly for the more well known films.

To join the BYOB mailing list, please email: admin@hydeparkpicturehouse.co.uk or call 0113 275 2045 to speak to a member of staff.

An Unlikely Muse

1st December - 12.00am

An Unlikely Muse is an exhibition held at Leeds Town Hall’s Staircase Gallery - curated by the Hyde Park Picture House and supported by Leeds City Council – featuring 16 artists, who have each produced work inspired by the Edwardian Picture House.


Chris Hood (illustration)
Tom Joy (photo)
Kristyna Baczynski (illustration)
Lee Goater (illustration)
Natalie Mortion (illustration)
Roy Goodman (painting)
Renato Camilo (photo/collage)
Phil Luxford (photo)
Leigh Harrison (photo)
Lee Brown (photo)
Sophie Jane Stafford (photo)
Zoe East (photo)
Lewis Brownlie (illustration)
Adam Boardman (illustration)
Giles Smith (photo)
Jonathan Wilkinson (illustration/print)


The Hyde Park Picture House began life as a fairly typical neighbourhood cinema, one of dozens like it to pop-up in Leeds throughout the 20th century. However, 103 years on and it has become an important survivor, one of a only a handful of early cinemas to remain open and a constant presence in the lives of thousands of the city’s residents.

Because of this, few buildings in Leeds have been photographed, illustrated, painted or reimagined as many times as the Hyde Park Picture House. And with every year that asses, increasing numbers of artists are drawn to the building’s curious features and unique history as a source of inspiration and creation.

So as the cinema embarks on the start of crucial regeneration project – supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Leeds City Council – we celebrate some of the more recent interpretations of this now iconic building, and how a once inconspicuous Picture House has now become a rather unlikely and inspiring muse.



Philosophy & Film

18th July - 6.00pm

Upcoming titles in this season:

A Canterbury Tale
Sun. 10th December – 3.00pm
UK, 1962, 124mins, U



January - The Matrix
February - Paris, Texas
March - Aliens


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Philosophy & Film is an ongoing series, held at the Hyde Park Picture House, in partnership with the University of Leeds, exploring philosophical questions raised by some of cinema’s most intriguing films.

Each month Dr. Joe Saunders (University of Leeds) invites an academic philosopher to select a film and provide a short talk following its screening, exploring philosophical themes raised in the work. Discussion then opens up the audience, who can put questions to the speaker and contribute their own thoughts on the film.

Creatures of the Night

25th August - 11.00pm


The Quay Brothers in 35mm
Sat. 30st September – 6.50pm

Sat. 21st October – 10.30pm

AFTERNOON SPECIAL: Young Frakenstein
Sat. 28th October – 3.00pm

The Final Girls Present: We Are the Weirdos 
Sat. 28th October – 10.30pm


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Whether you’re a dedicated cinephile, a cultural explorer or a random insomniac, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT is dedicated to screening those truly unforgettable films, from the best new horror to revered and sometimes obscure cult classics, in those most magical of late-night hours.


26th August - 12.00pm
£1.50 for kids, £5 for adults

Upcoming Screenings

Molly Monster The Movie (Ted Sieger's Molly Monster - Der Kinofilm)
DATE: Sat. 23rd September – 12noon

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
DATE: Sat. 30th September – 12noon

DATE: Sat. 7th October – 12noon

Despicable Me 3
DATE: Sat. 14th October – 12noon

DATE: Sun. 15th October – 11am

Queen of Katwe
DATE: Sat. 21st October – 12noon

Monsters, Inc.
DATE: Sat. 28th October – 12noon

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
DATE: Sat. 18th November – 12noon

DATE: Sun. 19th November – 11am

DATE: Sat. 25th November – 12noon

The Princess and the Frog
DATE: sat. 2nd December – 12noon

DATE: Sat. 9th December – 12noon

DATE: Sat. 16th December – 12noon

DATE: Sun. 17th December – 11am

The Muppet Christmas Carol
DATE: Sat. 23rd December – 12noon


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Discover a world of family Friendly films, every Saturday at 12noon.

Tickets are just £1.50 for kids and £5 for adults.

If you really love films why not join the HYDE & SEEK club! Membership is totally FREE and when you join you get a special badge, a free ticket for a grown up and a child, information about family friendly films sent directly to your door and much more! Membership forms can be filled out at the cinema, or for more information call us on 0113 275 2045 and a member of staff will be happy to help.

We also host Autism Friendly screenings of some of our HYDE & SEEK titles on the third Sunday of every month at 11am. These screenings feature raised lighting levels, prompt start times and customers are free to move more freely around the cinema. For more details please visit our website or speak to a member of staff.