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Pom Poko

Isao Takahata: 1935 - 2018
1994. Cert.PG. 119mins. Japan.

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Tue 29 May 03.00PM
Fri 01 June 03.00PM

Pom Poko is set on the outskirts of civilization, where a group of magical shape-shifting racoons called the tanuki live happily together in the forest. Unfortunately, human construction workers arrive to build new homes for an expanding Tokyo. With their homes and way of life endangered, the tanuki decide to fight for their forest.


Screening to commemorate the life of director and co-founder of of Studio Ghibli Isao Takahata, who sadly passed away in April 2018.

Film is a rich artform, entertaining and magical, but at it’s best it is a tool to help us better understanding ourselves and the world around us. For this reason Takahata’s work was revelatory, once watched his films cannot be unseen, cannot be unfelt and we are all the better for that depth of experience.