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Tabletop Games | HYDE & SEEK

On 20th May - 11.00 AM
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From 20th May - 20th May

Join us from 11:00 am to learn how to play some fun games suitable for all the family, with something for everyone aged 4 and upwards, before watching MINUSCULE: VALLEY OF THE LOST ANTS.

The games are simple enough for children to learn yet interesting for adults to play with them, and you are welcome to play through a whole game or just try out a few turns.

Entry is included in tickets to the screening at 12:00noon and participants are welcome to drop in at any point before then, though we advise arriving by 11:30am to allow adequate time to fit in a full game.


This week's games include:

Stripy Toni

Des. Carmen Kleinert

Adv. 4+, 2–5 players, about 15–20mins

The worms Little Gritty, Pamela Pink, Rudy Red and Lady Silver have been invited to Stripy Toni's garden party, at which the main event is a burrowing race. Remember which card you put where to help your worm to win.


Curly Roller

Des. Marco Teubner

Adv. 5+, 2–4 players, about 10–15mins

Roll your snail through the field to knock over the lettuce in your colour, while avoiding knocking over other players' lettuce and the scarecrow.