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A Clockwork Orange

UK/US, 1971, 131mins, Cert.18

Film description

Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s decline-of-civilisation novel remains a chilling, thrilling and unsettling cinematic vision of nihilistic violence and social control.

A Clockwork Orange follows Alex and his group of “Droogs”, as they spend their days getting high at the Milkbar before terrorising their fellow citizens. Until one day Alex is imprisoned, and the only way he can shorten his sentence is to undergo a behaviour modification programme that is said to make patients abhor violence. Once treated, Alex is back on the streets – left to survive the chaos his gang has created.

Controversial for its depiction of violence, this dystopian sci-fi classic remains a challenging watch that holds a deeply pessimistic view on the turn that modern society has taken. The audience is invited to judge for themselves – does the Kubrickian reimagination of futuristic England glamorise the gang’s actions or serve as a warning? 


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