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Compartment No.6

Hytti nro 6
Estonia, Finland, Germany, Russia, 2021, 108mins, Cert.15
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Winner of last year's Cannes Grand Prix, Compartment No. 6 is set in the 90s, and follows Laura (Seidi Haarla), a Finnish Archaelogy student living with her partner in Moscow. When Laura makes a long rail journey up to Murmansk to view the local petroglyphs - mysterious rock drawings which are thousands of years old - she is forced to share a compartment with a drunk and misogynistic Vadim, on his way to a mining job in the same wintry destination.

Depsite the coldness of their introduction, there is a real human warmth that seeps into the film, which slowly becomes a heartfelt and charming trip into the northern wilderness.


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