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United States, 1996, 100mins, Cert.15
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This iconic film by the prolific Coen Brothers is back on the big screen!

Fargo follows the tail-spinning life of Jerry Lundegaard (William H Macy) and his desperate attempts to crime his way out of an ever-deepening crime-hole. With the money he embezzled from his father-in-law’s car dealership about to come to light, Jerry knows there’s only one thing to do: kidnap his wife and use the ransom money to fix everything.

Fargo opens with the words “this is a true story” and while the events of the film never actually took place, the plot ricochets and dominoes and snowballs along in manner much like the unscripted accidents of real life. The humour here is dark, and there’s a tragic slapstick to the way the characters seem to thrash wildly about within their constantly escalating misadventures. Margie Gunderson (Frances McDormand) stands out as one of the few characters that notices the absurdity of the events around her, with McDormand pulling off a truly stand-out performance, expertly nailing down the “real-life” tone of the film. While it was criticised at the time for the apparent false claim of being “a true story”, Fargo has continued to resonate with audiences long after its release and stands as evidence that a story need not actually have happened to be true.


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