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One Cut of the Dead

Kamera o Tomeru na!
Japan, 2017, 96mins, Cert.15

Film description

One Cut of the Dead opens in an abandoned water treatment plant, where a film crew are attempting to make a zombie movie on the site of an ex-military compound, where experiments on human reanimation were rumoured to have taken place. No matter how hard the novice actors try, the scenes don’t turn out the way the film director wants. There are no limits to his euphoria, however, when actual zombies appear on the set!

A huge hit with audiences at last year’s Leeds International Film Festival (coming third in the Fiction Feature Audience Award), Shinichiro Ueda’s superb debut is one of the best horror-comedies of recent years and, being made in just eight days, is further proof of low-budget cinema’s capacity to breath fresh new life into a much-loved genre.

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