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USA, 1950, 75mins,
Mother of Us All: Ida Lupino at 100

Film description

With Outrage we see Lupino's remarkable talent as a director and writer as well as her conviction to tackle taboo social issues. Made by her production company, the film is a sensitive look at the devastating after-effects of sexual assault. 

Brave and controversial at the time for daring to point the finger of blame at a culture that subtly endorses sexual assault by punishing victims instead of perpetrators, Outrage feels all the more relevant in the wake of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

Screening on 35mm, Outrage is presented by She's A Rebel, and will include a short introduction from Alice Miller.


Mother of Us All: Ida Lupino at 100

Part of a mini-season marking the centenary of pioneering filmmaker Ida Lupino, a trailblazer both sides of the camera.


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