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Pharaohs Unveiled

UK/EG, 2019, 98mins, Cert.PG
Plus director Q&A

Film description

In Pharaohs Unveiled, the spirit world meets history in the latest film from award-winning director Menelik Shabazz.

The real history and greatness of Africans has long been hidden by western historians who have whitewashed history at the expense of the blackman and woman. Pharaohs Unveiled presents the untold story of the ancient Africans in Kemet (Egypt) who were the foundation of spirituality and science that still amazes the world today.

The film challenges the idea that many of us have about the Pharaohs and their beliefs. Through channeler (spirit medium) Neferatiti Ife, we enter the inner world of the Pharaohs and Queens never before exposed.

Presented by Leeds Black Film Club, this special screening – as part of Black History Month – will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s director Menelik Shabazz and channeler Neferatiti Ife.

Showing as part of Black History Month

This film is part of our Black History Month season, exploring & celebrating black culture, history & identity on screen.
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