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Gake no Ue no Ponyo
JP, 2008, 103mins, Cert.U

Film description

After running away from the sea she calls home, an effervescent young fish-girl is rescued and befriended by a five-year-old human boy called Sōsuke. Naming her Ponyo, Sōsuke soon comes to realise the heartbreaking impracticality of their budding romance.

Anime maestro Hayao Miyazakis tenth feature was his eighth under the Studio Ghibli banner and the fourth to be released theatrically by Disney in Northern America. Laced with the fantastical exuberance that has become synonymous with the Japanese studio, Ponyo harks back to the thematic timelessness and poetic charms of My Neighbour Totoro and has now become a firm family favourite since it first charmed audiences 10 years ago.

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