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Thunder Road

USA, 2018, 80mins, Cert.15
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Thunder Road opening scene takes place in a church – police officer Jim Arnaud (Jim Cummings) faces grieving friends and relatives to deliver a eulogy for his late mother. His improvised speech, although funny at first, soon feels discomforting for everyone involved. On the verge of a break-down, Jim’s mood rapidly changes from elation to rage that makes the whole occasion humiliating. The speech alone summarises Jim’s character slowly falling apart – unable to cope with his mother’s death, stressful job and losing bond with his only daughter Crystal while fighting over the custody with his hated ex-wife.  

Based on a 2016 short film by Jim Cummings, Thunder Road is an unsettling comedy that will see you leave the cinema either with a smile, or in tears. It is a deep character study of a man struggling through his issues, and a deeply authentic film that stays with its audience long after the credits roll. 

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Hyde Park Picture House

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73 Brudenell Road, Leeds LS6 1JD, UK
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