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Watership Down

UK/US, 1978, 91mins, Cert.U

Film description

During his lifetime author Richard Adam’s insisted Watership Down was “Just a film about rabbits”. Whatever the truth of that this story about a group of rabbits trying to escape man’s attempts to destroy their home shaped the psyche of a generation after its release in 1978. The often-violent imagery used in this adaptation highlights the effect of human intervention on the natural world which only feels more shocking given the current impact of climate change on our environment.

We’re presenting Watership Down this February as part of our LGBTQ* history month programme as a way of better highlighting the often-overlooked presence of Queer artists and filmmakers in film history. Proposed to us for inclusion in our programme by Leeds Queer Film Festival, the score to Watership Down was composed by Angela Morley (1924 – 2009), an Oscar nominated trans woman who was born in Leeds. Other credits to her name include Peeping Tom (1960) and The Little Prince (1974).

Showing as part of LGBTQ History Month

This film is part of our small LGBTQ History Month season.
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