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Power, Corruption & Lies

Power, Corruption & Lies is a series of three screenings looking at how filmmakers and artists in the UK have used film and video to express feelings of political discontent over the last 4 decades.

Featuring over 20 works spanning 1977–2019, the screenings engage with turbulent moments in history including the Thatcher government, 911, the UK miners’ strike, civil wars in Yemen and Lebanon, Occupy London, The Troubles, the Falklands War and the ongoing Nakba and the continuous violent occupation of Palestine.

Our hope is that, when experienced together, the films will stand in solidarity, representing a collective need to address the misuses of power.

Presented by Pavilion, in partnership with the Hyde Park Picture House and Leeds University Union.

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Tickets for these screenings are Pay What You Can, which means you're free to pay as much or as little as you can.