Image forDockyards, Demos and New Directions

Dockyards, Demos and New Directions

During November and December Hyde Park Picture House is pleased to be showcasing this collection of pivotal moments of social and political change gathered from Leeds' film archives and presented along with Leeds residents' own lived experiences.

At special screenings you’ll have the chance to see Dockyards, Demos and New Directions preceding the main feature.

This project is facilitated by Pervasive Media Studio residents Compass Presents.

"We’ve been working with archive film for a number of years and find its rich visual storytelling medium that people can easily identify with. As well as celebrating the hidden gems in our regional and city archives, the idea behind this project is to recognise some of the limitations of those collections, and to work with local people to identify stories unrepresented on archive film, and capture those as well. The archive films chosen by the group that you see in your local independent cinema reflect their own lens and curatorial choices, but also work in conversation with the audio tour that includes their own personal stories."

-Tara Sachdeva, Compass Presents Director