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Relaxed Screenings

Our Relaxed Screenings* offer a safe and relaxed film-watching environment. They provide an opportunity for audiences who might otherwise find the usual cinema-going experience unsuitable – including those on the autism spectrum – the ability to visit the cinema.

They are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of every month, at 11am, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Features of these screenings include:

The ability for audiences to move freely around the cinema

Prompt start times

No adverts or trailers

Slightly raised lighting

Slightly reduced volume levels

* Please note, 'Relaxed Screenings' were previously referred to as 'Autism Friendly'. Following the name change, nothing about these screenings has changed. The reason for the change was a desire to make these screenings as inclusive as possible, and accessible for anyone who may benefit from a more relaxed cinema environment, including but not limited to, those on the autism spectrum.