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Image for Ad Astra

Ad Astra (TBC)

Showing from Friday 20th September

With an exceptional cast including Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland – James Gray's latest is a profound and spectacular tale of human existence and our place in the cosmos. 

Image for Adoption

Adoption (15)

Tue 3rd September, 6.30pm

Celebrated as the first Berlinale Golden Bear awarded to a female director, Márta Mészáros’ Adoption is a powerful meditation on agency and womanhood in a world that waits to give permission.

Image for Apocalypse Now: Final Cut

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (15)

Plus Intro
Sat 14th September, 6.20pm

This definitive and final version of Francis Ford Coppola’s exhilarating masterpiece returns cinemas as it celebrates its 40th anniversary – now digitally restored and looking more breathtaking than ever.

Image for Art School for Rebel Girls present: Hairspray

Art School for Rebel Girls present: Hairspray (PG)

Wed 28th August, 1.45pm

Art School for Rebel Girls (ASFRG) is an ongoing arts project fostering confidence, creativity and collaboration between young women aged 13–16

Image for Astro Kid

Astro Kid (PG)

Sat 24th August, 12.00pm

Following the destruction of his space-ship, ten-year-old Willy embarks on an adventure through a wild and mysterious planet, discovering its beauty but also the dangers that lie beneath!

Image for B-Movie Double Bill: Gun Crazy & Detour

B-Movie Double Bill: Gun Crazy & Detour (PG)

Sat 31st August, 10.30pm

We kick off Scalarama 2019 with a deadly double bill of B-movies. A film noir pairing that features two of cinema’s most iconic and unforgettable femme fatales.

Image for Best Before Death

Best Before Death (12A)

Plus Bill Drummond Live Performance
Thu 26th September, 6.00pm

He's not rich and he's deliberately designed his actions so they can't be monetised. He's mostly been ignored by the art world. So what is he doing it all for? Best Before Death is about life, death, art, money, music and cake. And some knitting. 

Image for The Big Meeting

The Big Meeting (12A)

Plus Director Q&A
Sun 15th September, 6.00pm

55-years after the last feature film about the Durham Miners' Gala, the latest film from filmmaker Daniel Draper explores one of the world's most significant annual public meetings.

Image for Booksmart

Booksmart (15)

Free Fresher's Screening
Wed 2nd October, 2.30pm

Hedonism at the end of high school is the subject of actress Olivia Wilde’s joyous directorial debut, a fresh and modern coming-of-age comedy.

Image for Britain on Film: Protest!

Britain on Film: Protest! (12A)

Plus panel discussion
Sun 22nd September, 3.00pm

A new, wide-ranging and absorbing compilation, depicting dissent across the 20th century, covering events from the Suffragettes in 1910 through to the Gay Rights marches in the 1980s.  

Image for But I'm A Cheerleader

But I'm A Cheerleader (15)

20th Anniversary
Sat 24th August, 9.45pm

Recently ranked by IndieWire as the best lesbian film of all time, But I’m A Cheerleader offers an important as ever satirical look at issues surrounding queer identity and gender roles.

Image for Cinema Open Day

Cinema Open Day

Sun 22nd September, 10.00am

Join us on Sunday 22nd September for Cinema Open Day – a unique chance to learn more about the history of our historic, Grade II listed, Picture House.

Image for The Day Shall Come

The Day Shall Come (15)

From Fri. 11th October

Based on 100 true stories, The Day Shall Come is the latest film from legendary filmmaker Chris Morris (Four Lions, Brass Eye) and acclaimed writer Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show).

Image for Dredd

Dredd (18)

Day of Dredd 2019
Sat 7th September, 9.00pm

Mega City One is a vast, violent metropolis where felons rule the streets. The only law lies with cops called "judges," who act as judge, jury and executioner, and Dredd (Karl Urban) is one of the city's most feared.

Image for The Farewell

The Farewell (PG)

From Fri. 4th October

Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi reluctantly returns to Changchun to find that, although the whole family knows their beloved matriarch, Nai-Nai, has been given weeks to live. Writer/director Lulu Wang has created a heartfelt, funny and uplifting celebration of family.

Image for For Sama

For Sama (18)

Coming soon in September.

An intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war. A love letter from a young mother to her daughter, the film tells the story of Waad al-Kateab’s life through five years of the uprising in Aleppo.

Image for The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch (15)

From Fri. 27th September

The latest from BAFTA award winning director John Crowley (Brooklyn), is a heartwarming tale of love and loss, featuring a brilliant cast including Nicole Kidman.

Image for Hail Satan?

Hail Satan? (15)

Sun 8th – Wed 11th September

Chronicling the extraordinary rise of one of the most colourful and controversial religious movements in American history, Hail Satan? is an inspiring and entertaining new feature documentary from acclaimed director Penny Lane (Nuts!, Our Nixon).

Image for Holiday

Holiday (18)

Wed 4th September, 9.00pm

Premiering in the World Dramatic Cinema competition at the Sundance Film Festival, Isabella Eklöf’s Holiday is a supurbly dark gangster tale with a twist.

Image for Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans

Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans (PG)

Sat 7th September, 12.00pm

Who are the Celts? What have the Romans ever done for us? And why is Emperor Nero dousing himself in horse wee? Find out in 90 minutes of historical hijinks based on the popular children’s books by Terry Deary.

Image for Lenny

Lenny (15)

Sat 14th September, 10.30pm

Showing as part of Scalarama Leeds, Fosse in Film: Mashiya Presents, Oscar nominated Lenny, follows the rise and fall of controversial cult comedian Lenny Bruce.

Image for Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal (TBC)

Thu 29th August, 11.30am

From director Jagan Shakti comes the real-life story of the Indian Space Research Organisation's Mars Orbiter Mission – India’s first interplanetary expedition.

Image for Mrs Lowry & Son

Mrs Lowry & Son (PG)

Coming soon in September.

Directed by Adrian Noble, the former director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Mrs Lowry and Son is a beautifully intimate tale, with mesmerising performances from Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall.

Image for Notorious

Notorious (U)

New Digital Restoration
Mon 26th August, 2.00pm

Two of the most iconic and powerful stars of their day pair up in Hitchcock’s post-war spy thriller, film noir.

Image for Oldboy

Oldboy (18)

New Digital Restoration
Sat 21st September, 11.00pm

Often cited as one of the best films of the 2000s and possibly the definitive example of extreme Asian cinema, Oldboy is a brutal, lyrical modern classic of the revenge genre.

Image for Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood (18)

Fri 23rd – Thu 29th August

The ninth film from the Oscar-winning writer-director Quentin Tarantino is a star-studded tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.

Image for Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory (15)

Fri 30th August – Thu 5th September

Cannes Best Actor winner Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz are outstanding in the frank and moving Pain and Glory – the latest from acclaimed director Pedro Almodóvar.

Image for Seahorse

Seahorse (15)

Plus Q&A with director Jeanie Finlay
Tue 27th August, 6.20pm

One trans man’s pioneering quest to fulfill an age-old desire: to start his own family.

Image for The Souvenir

The Souvenir (15)

Showing from Friday 30th August

Winner of Sundance 2019's Grand Jury Prize, The Souvenir is the compelling, semi-autobiographical drama award-winning director/writer Joanna Hogg (Exhibition).

Image for Sprinter

Sprinter (15)

Plus Q&A with Director, Star and Producer
Sat 31st August, 5.00pm

Akeem Sharp, nicknamed the Rasta Rocket for his once-in-a generation speed, is set to be the island’s next big track-and field sensation.

Image for Spy Kids

Spy Kids (U)

Sat 31st August, 12.00pm

When two of the world's top secret agents (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino) are kidnapped, there's only two people who can save them: their kids.

Image for Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather (U)

Mon 14th October, 2.00pm

Bill Williamson plays a WW1 soldier coming home to start a new life as a performer, in an all-star extravaganza of music and dance.

Image for Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity (U)

Showtimes TBC

Shirley MacLaine plays Charity Hope Valentine, a dancer for hire working in a rundown dance hall, in this much-loved musical comedy based on Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria (1957)

Image for Tell It To The Bees

Tell It To The Bees (15)

Sun 25th – Wed 28th August

Adapted from Fiona Shaw’s 2009 novel of the same name, Tell It To the Bees follows the story of Dr Jean Markham, who returns to her hometown to take over her late father’s medical practice.

Image for Time Bandits

Time Bandits (PG)

A Heritage Open Day special
Sat 14th September, 12.00pm

Revisit Terry Gilliam’s fantasy adventure Time Bandits, and delve into the cinema's very own history, with a interactive family-friendly activity before the film.

Image for Transit

Transit (12A)

Tue 10th September, 6.15pm

Based on the eponymous novel by Anna Seghers, award-winning director Christian Petzold (Phoenix, Barbara), tells the story of a nearly impossible love amid escape, exile and a longing for a place to call home.

Image for West Yorkshire Queer Stories Showcase

West Yorkshire Queer Stories Showcase (15 (advisory))

Tue 17th September, 6.30pm

A selection of new short film, celebrating queer experience past and present through – brought to life by discussion and artefacts from the West Yorkshire Queer Stories project.